Connected Cooking

RATIONAL ConnectedCooking.

The most cutting-edge networking solution for professional kitchens goes online.

Starting now, RATIONAL customers have access to the world’s most state-of-the-art networking solution for professional kitchens ConnectedCooking. Networking RATIONAL units opens up numerous possibilities for making everyday kitchen work safer, simpler, and more convenient. Customers with multi outlet operations can also manage all connected units centrally and control production processes effectively.

With ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL has expanded its already extensive range of services to include a networking solution specifically developed for the needs of professional kitchens. RATIONAL believe the new system represents another step along the path toward even greater customer benefit through the progressive digitalization of kitchen processes.

To use ConnectedCooking, customers need only connect one or more RATIONAL units (or Frima VarioCooking Centers®) to a network, and then register for free under The networked units can then be conveniently displayed and managed through ConnectedCooking’s Device Management screen. “Network integration through ConnectedCooking lets cooks, chefs and key management view all of their production processes at any time, in central facilities of all remote kitchens, even if they are not personally on site”explains Mark Sweeting, General Manager of RATIONAL Australia. “They can quickly check up on cooking processes remotely while doing their other tasks that are required to operate a commercial kitchen. Imagine monitoring overnight cooking or even being able to see if that function is on time from home. Users can retrieve all of this information quickly and easily using any computer with Internet connection, smartphone or tablet—anytime, anywhere. This service helps us give our customers more flexibility at last, which represents real added value to owners and operators in the Foodservice industry.”

Networking also makes it easy to distribute new cooking programs, receive push notifications in real time, or transmit preferred unit settings to all connected RATIONAL units. ConnectedCooking allows automatic software updates, and makes administrative work quick and easy as well: all key HACCP data can be captured, documented and exported completely automatically. If desired, the system can also automatically contact service partners and request the correct replacement parts directly for quick on-site troubleshooting. Separate user profiles with individual permissions settings mean all employees can have easy system access, simplifying work with the SelfCookingCenter® even more. ClubRATIONAL provides inspiration, recipes and tips from all over the world, and with ConnectedCooking, it’s always available where it’s needed: right in the kitchen. Users can select recipes and transmit the settings to one or more units in no time at all.

ClubRATIONAL is one of the world’s most extensive databases of recipes especially for professional kitchens, with new national and international dishes being added every day. “With ConnectedCooking, we are offering our customers the world’s most cutting-edge networking solution for professional kitchens. Now our customers will always have everything at their fingertips, even when they aren’t on location, says Sweeting in summary. “Chain restaurants and companies with satellite kitchens, in particular, now have an easy, centralized solution for doing quality assurance and monitoring unit functions.”

All RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® come equipped with Ethernet interfaces as a standard feature, so units manufactured before 03/2017 can easily be retrofitted to use ConnectedCooking. ConnectedCooking is free to use on up to three units. Data is transmitted using state-of-the-art encryption technology, in order to prevent misuse.

Installation of this starts from as little as £132 and a management POA